We are going to be starting a FIVE FAMILY GARDEN  in a village called La Victoire! We have the hose , the pump and all the parts needed plus Hope Seeds is sending a LARGE amount of non-GMO seeds to start them off.

The problem with farming is lack of rain and that means only one crop per year..however with the pump the water gets rerouted from the river to the land and with a wheelbarrow the families share the pump.

In exchange. Psalm139LOVE and Haitian Hope will receive a share of the veggies which in turn goes to the families who have taken in orphans to help aid them. The families will not only be able feed their families but also sell at the market so they can send their children to school. We can always use some funds to help with the cost of tools, the hose needed to come from the river to the pump ( about $200) and a wheelbarrow ($100)

If you want to sow seed on GOOD GROUND just go to

psalm139love.com GARDEN and your donation will go to this project.

What a blessing

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