Miralande House Is Getting Finished

Mirlande is a single mom who has two children and one of them has hydrocephalus making life even harder for her . 

She was living in a home with her family ( mom, stepdad, sisters and brothers with a total of NINE people) that was not finished and only protected by tarps and tins in certain areas. Through the sale of my Psalm139LOVE ornament and generous donations she has a completed hOme, two dorms and two windows plus we added a porch with a tin roof so they can sit outside! She also is getting a cement floor! Thank you Jesus and to all who donated to this worthy cause.

Mirlande House Gets a Cement Floord

Mirlande is a single mom of two children and one has hydrocephalus which makes life even harder for her. One of our ministry partners has donated the $300 that was needed to provide a cement floor which is a huge blessing. Many Haitians have dirt floors which make the whole family but particularly the children susceptible to tapeworms and parasites which then take 35-40% of their food and keeps them in starvation mode just adding to the malnutrition problem they have there.

Mirlande Get Presents

We stopped by Mirlandes and dropped off a PAC N Play plus a food basket and many presents that were made specifically for her. We also told her we would be painting the door and windows to her house that had just been finished with sales of the the Psalm 139 Love ornament and generous donations from our ministry partners.

Helping LouLouse

Psalm139LOVE and Haitian Hope have been able to raise 

$230 for this precious woman who just had twins. 

She has two other children as well and was recently abandoned by her husband because he left their 

home as they all slept and is not coming back.

Thanks for the generous donations that we could buy al the items you see in the video plus we  saved some in an account for her for next month food allotment and money in case she needs to take the twins to the doctor.

Praise God we were also able to provide her with a tin roof.

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